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Hon. George S. Dunlop

Cobis Systems Corporation
Chairman and Founding Partner
The Honorable George S. Dunlop is Chairman and founding partner of Cobis Systems Corporation, a financial services enterprise that provides core banking and mobile payments software systems and infrastructure to large banks, small and micro financial institutions and mobile transaction networks in the Americas and Japan. He has 40-years experience in leading, helping and motivating people and organizations in the private sector and government.
From 2001-2009 he was Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works). He provided executive analysis, development, advocacy, and implementation for policies, plans, and programs related to the Department of the Army’s strategic direction, including oversight for the programs and performance of the Army Corps of Engineers in the United States, Iraq and Afghanistan. He pioneered policy oversight for the development, planning and provisioning of the Army for Stability Operations and Irregular Warfare doctrines.
Previously Mr. Dunlop was Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture for Natural Resources and the Environment, and for nine years senior executive for the United States Senate, serving as Administrative Assistant to Senator Jesse Helms and Chief of Staff for the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry. His private sector experience includes as President and CEO of the United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association and Vice President, Century Communications, Inc. He is a life-long entrepreneur and is an equity partner in business ventures involving agriculture, international trade and information technology. Mr. Dunlop is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve and holds graduate and post-graduate degrees from Lehigh University and Duke University.